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The Beginning.


I grew up in a family where I wasn’t allowed to keep a journal. Recording the goings on in my home was strictly verboten. As a result, it was years before I stopped throwing out my own work. Despite a very “unconventional” upbringing, I still managed to come out a marginally well-adjusted human being. My youthful, illicit writings very much played a cathartic role and in hindsight taught me an experience is often worth more than its initial face value. More about all that in a book.

I love people. Writing allows me to explore a story without any boundaries. Putting words on a page is literally getting to create a unique world and an experience for the reader. It allows me to study people and appreciate what they have to offer, both to themselves and those around them.

When I’m not writing, I am hiking. Hiking allows for peace of mind and better creativity. It also teaches a lesson in perseverance and seeing things through to their completion. Hiking a trail is similar to following the natural arc of a story.

I run TheBareFootHiker.com and am a writer at the award-winning TheTrek.co, bringing my love of the outdoors to a broad audience. I have work being published in an upcoming quarterly and am currently shopping a non-fiction book on my journey from teenage mom to a professional writer.

I’m now settled in the Hudson Valley, enjoying its picturesque landscape and vibrant culture. When I’m not writing, I spend my time enjoying the outdoors – hiking barefoot through the mountains, exploring the riverfront, and enjoying the rolling farmland. My kids are usually at my side – most often heard asking “are we there yet?” and “where’s the ice cream you promised?”