Jeremy Barnes

“Heather has a gift for interpreting, deconstructing, organizing, adding ideas, and giving back excellent product. I am always satisfied with her work and will always turn to her first. I especially appreciate her patience while I’m admittedly being flaky.”

Graham Nolte Collective Conscious Pictures

“Heather has value beyond the words she puts on your page, but also with the perspective she brings through her thought. You will not be disappointed in hiring her, and your work will benefit greatly from the collaboration.”

Matthew Woodle

"I have had the opportunity to work with Heather and have witnessed her adaptability, clear communication, and passionate investment in her work. She brings imagination and dedication to any project she is a part of, and is an energizing presence to have on your team”


“Admittedly a somewhat personal experience, but some people get it and others don’t. Heather gets it. With her I’m spared having to lay it out completely, she picks up on what I’m trying to say and finishes my sentences. Besides which, she’s just a nice person to interact with.”


“Heather is a GREAT person to work with. She takes the time to research your subject matter and responds in a timely and professional manner. You can’t go wrong with Heather”